Pietrablu is a surfaces system engineered by Arblu.


Pietrablu is a fascinating, versatile and durable material creates many personalized solutions for the whole bathroom. An original combination of nature and technology into different but easy-to match texture that fit harmoniously every space and meet any style and wish.

Pietrablu is a natural material composed by minerals and resins, solid and at the same ductile, inasmuch it allows to be cut and shaped at one’s pleasure, also during the installation.

Pietrablu finishing

Well Surfaces:
strength and beauty in harmony
Trendy Surfaces:
timeless actuality
Woody Surfaces:
hot wood effect, also in décapé version
Juta Surfaces:
softness and the heat of the fabric

Dimensions and characteristics of the shower trays

The dimensions of shower trays provide an height of 3 cm, a depth available in four sizes 70 – 80 – 90 – 100 cm, while the length can vary from a minimum of 90 cm to a maximum of 200 cm, considering the square and rectangular versions. There are also 2 dimensions for Round Trendy shower tray: 80x80cm and 90x90cm
For more information about sizes and finishings please contact the Arblu dealer.

Customized cuts and special cuts

Shower trays have the great advantage of being adapted to the dimensions of your bathroom. The customized cuts can be done either during the installation, or by specifying the dimensions when are ordered without additional costs.
The cut point of the shower tray can be restored as originally with a process which is carried out in Arblu factory. Special cuts allow to adapt the shower tray even in difficult spaces, such as in presence of protruding columns.

Edge application

Shower trays provide the possibility to applying a containing edge, made of the same material of the shower tray, that can be placed also on a single side and of the desired length.

Use and maintenance

To keep unaltered in time the material is enough to follow these simple advices:

  • For the daily cleaning use non abrasive detergents, applying them with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid to use products containing solvents or acids.
  • More persistent spots can be removed using products like “Viakal vinaigrette”.
  • To remove light scratches it is possible to use products for car body polishing (like polish or beeswax), while to restore more profound scratches it is possible to request a touch-up pencil in the same colour of the tray.

Resistance to product commonly used

Substance t
Limestone 8h A
Bleach 1h A
Glass cleaner 8h A
General cleaner 8h A
Degreaser 8h A
Hair dye (medium colour) 1min B
Hair dye (dark colour) 1min C
Ammonia 8h A
Hydrogen peroxide 8h A
Sodium carbonate 8h A
Sodium chloride 8h A

t = time
= damage
A = no damage
B = light damage
C = evident damage

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