Arblu expands its automatic warehouse!

Since October, the expansion of the automatic shower tray warehouse has been operative, which has +1200 cells compared to the previous one, for a total of 3720 cells.

The purpose of this enhancement is the ability to manage and optimize the processes of storage, preparation and shipment of goods in order to speed up deliveries in order to achieve a faster and more efficient service to meet every customer requests.

The warehouse takes about 1 minute to pick up the shower tray through a completely automated process through a software interfaced with the management used by the company; in this way the “human” work is reduced to the minimum because, by clicking, you can send the request for quantity and type of dish to be unloaded.

The warehouse can be filled to 100%, the dishes are positioned according to their request (rotation): those most in demand will be placed near the loading ports for an even faster sampling. This expansion allows you to keep stock items ready for delivery. The reason of this investment, in addition to greater responsiveness for the customer, was also a necessity to the expansion of the range and demand for Arblu shower trays presenting the introduction of the new  JUTA finish 2018.


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