Arblu among the top 500 Italian performers

According to research, the “500 Champions that beat the crisis”, conducted by the Centro Studi Italy Post in collaboration with L’Economia and Corriere della Sera, Arblu is among the 500 Italian companies that between the years 2010 and 2016 had the best performance in terms of growth, profitability, financial soundness and MORE rating.

On March 16, 2018 a big event was held, organized by the Centro Studi Italy Post, together with L’Economia and Corriere della Sera, on the Milan Stock Exchange to illustrate how companies like Arblu are working seriously to restart Italy.

The event was also an opportunity to present the book “New Businesses. Who are the 500 champions who beat the global companies “published by the publisher Egea-Università Bocconi Editore, edited by the President of the Study Center Italy Post, on the characteristics and potential of the companies on which the research was conducted.

This is an important recognition for Arblu, a testimony to the passion with which our company strives every day to reach ever more challenging objectives.

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