The story of Arblu

Arblu began his entrepreneurial career with Pier Giorgio Presotto in 1996 collaborating to date with his sons Giuseppe, Diada and Giovanni. At the 1998 headquarter in Roveredo in Piano in the Province of Pordenone, follow the transfer in 2003 to the current plant in Fontanafredda (PN) of 12,000 square meters of covered area structured in 8 functional areas: offices, raw materials processing department, assembly, warehouse, department shipments, furniture department, test laboratories and showrooms.
The skill in working with different but complementary materials like glass, wood, aluminum and new compounds of natural resins such as Pietrablu and Tecnoblu are at the source of Made in Italy by Arblu.
From 1996 until now the company has been the protagonist of a constant growth in the proposal of products and services ever more detailed. To the shower cabins and bath screens that characterized the emergence of Arblu in the Italian market in 2006 were joined by multifunction shower cabins and shower columns. 2008 it’s the year of specialization in the shower trays production culminated in 2009 with the coordinated integration of all bathroom furniture. Today Arblu represents the Made in Italy solution for the needs of the contemporary bathroom.

Arblu’s values

Sedateness and moderation
Beautiful doesn’t mean expensive. Beautiful doesn’t mean proibitive.

Optimize time and resources. Don’t waste energies. Focus on few, clear and important goals.

A slow pace. The ability to refrain from stopping, to pursue one’s goals in a clear, transparent and – above all – conscious manner.

Know how to combine feelings and tasks, rationality and passion, family and ambition for a sustainable organization.

Elegance that needs no fanfare. Elegance that is composed. Elegance that will remain over time, for a bathroom that does not change with the seasons, but is faithful to its own style.

Anticipate the future. Answer to unexpressed needs. Private and unexpected wellness spaces.

Arblu supports the environment

Arblu continually talks with the nature for a sustainability that is not only environmental. Corporate sustainability is the responsibility for the future of the people who collaborate together for the growth of this common project.
The 3,000 m² solar panel area active in the company since 2013 creates an energy requirement of 360.00 kWh: about 90% of Arblu’s annual energy consumption. Energy optimization for greater market competitiveness: where quality is synonymous with convenience.

The certifications

For Arblu, quality is not just a product characteristic, but it’s an ethic that crosses the entire production process of every shower cabins, shower tray, decorative radiator and bathroom furniture.
Starting from selected and certified suppliers, we receive materials with a quality management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard, as well as first choice materials, such as tempered glass meeting the requirements of the UNI EN 12150-1 standard concerning “Safety glass thermally hardened “, for which laboratory tests are performed that guarantee constant fragmentation and resistance tests. Because the safety of materials is an essential quality in a constant searching through product innovation and the interpretation of new needs for personal well-being.
Arblu, with the purpose of improving the efficiency of its structure while respecting the safety of its employees in the workplace, has received ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFICATION “Quality management systems” and OHSAS 18001: 2007 ” management of safety in the workplace “. The certifying body of the integrated system is Bureau Veritas, world leader in the control, verification and certification services for the Quality, Health and Safety of companies.


Customer Services

Arblu believes that service means caring for the life of both its products and its customers. As of 2014, more than 41 Service Centres in Italy effectively cover all parts of the country.
Speedy delivery and the ability to develop tailormade products would not be so important without after-sales service that is one of the most renowned and highly regarded in the industry.
In Arblu the service to the retailer and the final customer are integral part of the aim of quality, innovation and responsibility.

Arblu Service Centres represent a tool that is useful for correctly managing problems that affect the company’s products and for properly installing them in practical solutions that will last over time.

The main services offered by Arblu’s customer services are:

  • Taking measurements: Through our authorised centres, we make calls at private locations to determine the feasibility of installing Arblu products.
  • Start-up service: This is provided for placing special shower enclosures into service. Our authorised technician will show the customer how the product is used.
  • Installation service: Arblu constantly keeps its Service Centres abreast of its new products and their technical characteristics. As a result, our specialised technicians can be made available to users for assistance with installation of all Arblu products.
  • Assistance to dealers and individuals: An authorised technician is available for service calls to correct malfunctions or if non-conformity occurs, whether it is attributable to the company or not, and whether the product is still covered by warranty or not.


Glass panels
The glass panels that are inserted into the shower enclosures they are tempered by the latest machinery that makes them exceptionally resistant to breaking, knocks and bending, in accordance with international safety standards UNI EN 12150-1 and UNI EN 14428. Also the sheets in crilex have the safety guarantee since they are conform to the crash test according the norm UNI EN 14428.

Profiles of aluminium
The aluminium used for the frames, apart from being of the best quality, is protected by a special finish using epoxide powders. The profiles are made using the primary alloy 6060 according to the European standards “QUALANOD” for oxidation and “QUALICOA T” for the finishing.

The bathroom furniture Arblu is made in water resistant wood, non-toxic and resitant to wet heat according to the standards of UNI 9117, resistant to dry heat UNI 9116, abrasion resistant UNI 9115 and has pass the test of swelling static bending and water absorption.

Tecnoblu is a compact, hygienic solid material composed by mineral and resins charges, resistant and renewable. Thanks to its characteristics, it is suitable to be used in the manufacturing of design objects: also those that come into contact with water.

Pietrablu is a surfaces system engineered by Arblu. Material of aesthetical impact, the ideal choice for the one who loves the tactile sensuousness combined to the resi stance. Pietrablu is a natural material composed by minerals and resins, solid and at the same ductile, inasmuch it allows to be cut and shaped at one’s pleasure, also on site.